This is a Beta version of our first 2D plat-former game. 

"Rebella Rebel Girl"

Help Rebella    on her journey to collect gold coins, jump on enemies, beat Bobby Bear the Boss and safe her village. 

This Beta version has 2 levels and 1 boss fight.

Control is very simple. Arrows to move, space bar to jump. The game also supports XBox360 Controller. Left-analog to move, A button to jump.

The game is free to play. 

 However,  a small support from you can really help us to keep moving toward the full version of the game. 

Credits : We learned and used some materials from these awesome guys..

  • Michigan State University - Game Development Coursera Online Course
  • Vicente Nitti - Glacial Mountains Background
  • - Vormgevers Font
  • Hendy Marvin - Music

Thank you so much!

Please visit our Page at


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It's a nicely made little platformer (at this point at least). All the enemies and traps that populate the levels make this a challenging game, but since the controls and the physics feel so good together, it's fair play. The music is catchy and I think fits well in the setting.

I'd like to invite you and your game to take part in our Game Development World Championship!

Thank you for your comment. I am glad you like it.  Anyway,  the player control still needs some improvements. I am working on it. Also, thank about the invitation. I will surely look at at. ^^

Alright, thanks for that!

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I managed to have a play and streamed it within 10 seconds of being released. I'll post the video here shortly but it's a neat little platformer written in unity webgl.



Have i set a new world record for playing a newly release game? Lets find out....

That was an incredible speed! Thanks for stopping by. ^^

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I didn't have any audio but I really liked it and I'll look at the audio later to see if it was my kit that failed but I am gonna play this some more.  I really liked what I saw, a nice simple 8 bit esq platforming game  and I've started a new trend i think lol. Publish to stream time. I'm just doing some editing but well done DEVS.

Just on a side note, the thumbnail looks wrong to me but I have rectified it guys.


Watched your video. Thanks again.