Investor Zombie (2018)

Genre: 2D Turn-Based Dungeon Style Strategy Game

The Game 

Investor Zombie is a game by Talapao Studios. The game teaches basic knowledge about earning, saving and investing. This is one of the most important financial topic that every person should know but has never been taught seriously in school. As a result, people grew up to work hard but never be enough. They kept searching for money forever because they did not control expenses and let money make more money for them. They did not apply 3 types of income namely, active income, portfolio income and passive income together to build wealth. They did not know the important of cash flow management. They thought they traded well but were not aware that the transaction cost was eating their profits. Those who invested with no knowledge and right mindset are called Investor Zombies. The game aimed to change their attitude and to end their zombie life cycles.

The Plot 

Zane, the main character, is trying not to become one of the Investor Zombies. Started with 100 gold points on hand, he must earn more and has 1 million gold points to get away from this vicious circle. There are many ways to earn gold. Zane can pick gold he finds on the ground. He can also work his pickaxe to break some rocks and get gold inside. Then he can use gold to buy ducks, geese or swans. Every day, their prices move up and down. He can resell them at higher price to make profit or to hold and let their values keep increasing. Moreover, ducks and geese lay golden eggs for him every day too.

However, he losses 1 gold every time he moves. There are also enemies. The Red Disease and Black Reaper represent sicknesses and unfortunate accidents in life. They will try to attack and take away gold from Zane. Watch out for his gold level. He will go broke and become Investor Zombie forever if his gold is zero.

The Rules

Zane loses the game when his gold level is zero.  Zane wins the game when his total gold value is 1 million.

The Developer 

Talapao Studios is an indie game developer from Thailand. We developed our own games as well as games for clients. The team is very interested in serious games in particular. The serious games are games that offer a perfect blend between fun and learning. The games are intended to help players in learning and developing new skills through the game play. The games can also be designed to change people's attitudes. Businesses can use games to promote their products and build desirable brand positioning on customers’ mind. The potentials and applications of serious games in edutainment is limitless.


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